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Monday 22 May 2017

Bahamas for lunch and now westward to Florida

We had the most brilliant sailing the last two days with a very fair wind and a following sea. We haven't had much experience of this sort of sailing in travels. We could move around the boat easily and when you put something down, for the most part it stayed there. Tim even got out the fishing rod with the beautiful red and black feathered lure. It hadn't been in the water long when there was a whir from the reel. Tim gave the line a little tug, yes, there was a fish on the other end, but moments later the line went slack and that was the end of the beautiful lure. Moments later we saw something in the distance that made one heck of a splash and Tim thinks we might well have lost the lure to a Sailfish. And that is just as well as we have no business catching something as large as a Sailfish and in future will use smaller lures. All was well until the wind died in the night we ran the engine for about 10 hours to arrive in Abacos by noon. We saw a number of sport fishing boats trawling here and there so it isn't impossible that it was a Sailfish Tim hooked.

I love the saying we've often heard from may an empty handed fisherman - 'It's called 'fishing' not 'catching!'

We had planned to spend a couple of days here until the weather in the north cleared but it's expected to hang around longer than expected. We hadn't planned on clearing into the Bahamas as technically we are 'on passage' and are just waiting for the weather around Charleston to move north and they charge $300 US for a cruising permit, which is a little rich for visiting less than a week. The weather here is great and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, so we are just going to hop over to the adjacent Florida coast. This way we will still be moving and can do one thing in particular that we couldn't get the parts for in San Juan. We are going to install a deck wash. Many places we will be anchoring are really muddy and without one the anchor locker, which is under our sleeping berth, would soon be full of sticky slimy smelly mud.

So we will be off again in the next couple of hours and will arrive in South Florida Wednesday morning.
At 22/05/2017 18:38 (utc) our position was 26°35.86'N 077°00.76'W

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