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Saturday 27 August 2016

An exciting new project continued

The best way to stop it raining is to post in your blog that it rains every day. Since the last post we haven't had a drop.....until today. Within 90 minutes our dinghy had about 8" of water in it. More importantly we can try the new rain catching system. I didn't have very high expectations; I was so wrong.
At the moment the two deck drains lead through a hose to the aft bathroom. I opened the tap and the water came through the 3/4" hose like a torrent. We quickly filled six 20l jerry cans and filled our tanks. We were collecting rainwater at 6.5 litres a minute!
So now we have proof of concept I will finish the job off. The hose will lead into the basin drain and go overboard under normal conditions, I will put a three way diverter valve so I can then let the water run via a filter straight into the water tank. At today's flow rate we could fill our water tanks from empty to full in about 50 minutes.
This makes me very happy. More seriously its a viable solution to generator or watermaker failure mid-ocean. Not to mention that in most places you have to pay for water.

Free water makes us happy!

You can see the rain water in the dinghy

...so we start bailing

You can see the line of muddy water advancing slowly. This is rain run off from the land and was full of branches, tree trunks and every type of floating garbage.....quick get the dinghy out the water!
Mud has arrived, just in time

Just draining off the last few drops.

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