Where are we

Saturday 20 August 2016

An exciting new project

Well we're in Trinidad again, 5th visit I think. If I described this place you wonder what on earth we are doing here; rains all the time, no wind, probably one of the most polluted harbours in the world, terrible holding in the anchorage, no wind, hot and humid and the loudest party boats screaming up and down at night, high rate of crime. We love it here, you have to be here to understand it.
Our watermaker is made here and we were considering adding a second membrane to reduce running time, for those who are considering one, watermakers are annoyingly loud and you don't want to be running one any longer than necessary. If you've ever pressure washed your patio then imagine that machine running in a boat. The problem with the second membrane was cost, do we really suffer from the noise so much that it warrants $750? We've abandoned the idea.
So I sit in the cockpit with a beer and watch the rain water pool on the aft deck of the boat, it rains a lot here and the water cascades off the rig onto the deck and it all ends up on the aft deck before it runs overboard. I start measuring and planning and the next thing I've drilled two big holes through the deck and installed two flush deck drains. The water runs through a 3/4" hose which is currently coiled up in the aft bathroom with a tap on the end of it. Next time it rains we will see how much water comes through, we don't have to wait long for rain here. Total cost so far about $40. I'll report back soon.


  1. Re: Chaguarama - Yes, it does have a strange and wonderful charm. :). The water catchment system will be great in case we ever have generator problems as well. It's a great idea.

  2. Just make sure you don't spill your beer! Looking forward to seeing you next month