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Saturday 8 July 2023

Leaving Fiji and Vanuatu bound


It was a little short notice, our deciding to leave Fiji today, but if we leave today we have a very good weather window for our 4 day passage. We enjoyed our time in Fiji but were plagued with nasty colds for both of us and a sore foot for Tim. We’ve been busy with friends and four days at sea will be a chance to put our feet up.

The marina staff bid us a fair voyage with song; the same way we were welcomed on our arrival. They tied a wreath of flowers on the bow, sang their song and cast us off.

Zoe from ‘Into the Blue’ took this photo May we motored out of the marina. Colin from ‘Burmese Breeze’ took our rubbish. Both acts equally appreciated.

(I’m scurrying to get a couple photos up while the Starlink we are using is still land-based and free.  Once Elon has decided we are offshore it changes to $3 NZ a gigabit.)

We currently inside the reef and are heading for the ‘pass’ closest to Vanuatu, which is directly to the east of Fiji. 

You can just see the flower on our bow and a the island where the Musket Cove Resort I’d located. Leased to the coach roof is our year old staysail. This is only its second outing. We used it all the way from NZ to Fiji in May, 2022. 

It’s is smaller sail and good for going up wind and sailing in stronger winds.  We are doing neither on this trip but one can’t choose exactly when you leave. You book Customs and Immigration to come to the marina; they check you out; you leave within the next hour.

We want to arrive in Vanuatu in daylight and leaving late afternoon would have been better for a 3 day passage.  Leaving at noon means that if we are too fast, based on our average boat speed of 5.8 knots, we’ll arrive after dark on the third day. Instead we are slowing it down a little, planing to arriving on the fourth day as well as showing our staysail some love.


Nancy and Tim

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  1. Safe sailing. Read this when you get there to keep Elon out of your bank.