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Monday 10 July 2023

Day 2 of 3, not 4, to Vanuatu

For a second time since leaving NZ, we are proving to be faster than expected. We made 152  miles in the last 24 hours and we continue to eat up the miles in an astonishing way. We seldom see our speed less than 6 knots and often it is over 7 and occasionally over 8.

There is a current that helps more often than it hinders so we can’t take all the credit. We can have a boat speed of 6.6 knots but our speed over the ground is 7.2 with the an extra 0.6 knots of current. It’s great!

The wind is generally 12 to 19 knots from the SSE and is expected to inch up to the low 20’s Tuesday night and back to the East.

With little chance of us going any slower than we have thus far, I’m reasonably confident that we will probably arrive early Wednesday morning. :)

All is well on board.

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  1. Lovely to hear from you and all is well look forward to your next blog Love Elaine