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Sunday 5 June 2022

Musket Cove

We have been anchored in Musket Cove since our last blog.  It is truly hard to tell exactly how long we’ve been here.  We are in very good company with Craig and Julie on Hullabaloo of Normandy and Colin Burmese Breeze.

Musket Cove is a very convenient resort island.  There are lots of moorings to rent if you find the depth at the anchorage of approximately 20 metres to deep for the amount of chain you carry.  We are happily anchored and are just a short boat ride from the resort itself.

Julie and I do yoga most mornings ashore.  It started with a group of ladies from various boats.

This is coffee time after a Yin yoga class lead by Diane, second from the right.

This photo was taken from the deck looking down at tiny fish being chased by the bigger fish in the stunningly clear water. 

The water is not always this clear. The tide runs through the anchorage first one direction and then the other.  At times it is crystal clear, then later is gets rather cloudy with ‘stuff’ being carried along. It wasn’t long before we realised that some of the stuff was what we call Sea Lice but are actually jellyfish spawn. We do not like them and they can take all the fun out of swimming.  The welts are extremely itchy, but that will stop if you can not touch them or let anything brush against. They go from puffy pink to dark red before disappearing after about a week.  Though many sites say they are invisible, I am sure I can see fine translucent tubes with little dots along them - and when I do, I don’t go in.  Other times, I find covering up helps, but anything not covered is fair game.

We are still waiting for a meaningful change in the temperature. It’s almost always 30+ degrees C. Right now it’s 32.1 inside in the shade. Recently, a cool wind comes up in the evening making the temperature a chill 27 or so, which actually feels quite cold. 

I keep thinking about the 40+ heatwave that came early to Indian this year and cannot imagine having to live and work in those temperatures.


We do get some spectacular sunsets and, with little light pollution, the stars are quite brilliant.

Tomorrow, we are heading back to Denarau. This is where we intend to leave Larus while we are away. I fly out to Canada late on the 9th of June and arrive early on the 10th.  Tim flies to the UK on June 17th.

We’ve been quite busy the last couple of days organising paperwork and the various travel requirements as well as filling the fridge with meals for Tim and Colin and disposing of or giving away food and cleaning the interior to discourage mould growing.

It is so exciting to be going home!

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  1. Sea lice! New to me. Amazing sunset photo. I got to the see the stars from the top of Maunakea in Hawaii last year and will never forget it; it's nice to think you are getting wonderful views. So very excited for your trip home!! xo Tania