Where are we

Monday 12 June 2023

On the Customs Dock, Vuda Marina, Fiji


We are welcomed to Fiji by the Vuda Marina staff on the Customs Dock.

We are very pleased to be back in Fiji. We are just entering the cooler drier season. The nights are cool but the days are still pretty warm.  I’m already sweating hard at 0930 in the morning.

We are currently awaiting the arrival of the Customs, Immigration and Bio Security officials.

I have to sew a bit of rope into our brand new Fiji courtesy flag so will be back later.  

Pale blue for the sea and emblazoned with a coat of arms featuring the Dove of Peace, a bunch of Bananas, Cassava plants, Coconut palm and above all, the Rugby playing Lion.


  1. So glad you are in Fiji safe and sound. What a lovely greeting; glad you shared it. xo Tania

  2. Lovely welcome! Enjoy Fiji, love Rowena

  3. So fun. Glad you caught the window this time! xo Jan